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To run this program you need to place a permission file into your 'user' folder that gives the JAVA™ applet permission to upload and save data to your computer'

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Defining groups
Identifying the founder of a group and the patterns of evolutionary descent
Estimating the level of confidence in the predicted founding ST
Building up the eBURST diagram
Exploring alternative patterns of descent
Using additional data to optimise patterns of descent

Using eBURST

The Profiles window
The Analysis window
The Diagram window
Subgroups and Subgroup founders
Manipulating and editing the display
Software requirements

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REF: Feil EJ, Li BC, Aanensen DM, Hanage WP, Spratt BG. 2004 eBURST: inferring patterns of evolutionary descent among clusters of related bacterial genotypes from multilocus sequence typing data. J Bacteriol. Mar;186(5):1518-30

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